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Make it unique, make it Yours!

You have found your on-site event merchandise solution with Yours On The Spot.

Based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and traveling the upper Plains area,
we make it easy for your organization to offer t-shirts and accessories at your special event
by bringing our pop-up shop to you.

When you are starting to plan your next big event, contact us so we can take care of your event merchandise for you!

Feedback from some of our customers:

I will enjoy wearing my sweatshirt!!!!
Fun atmosphere.
Love all the logos!
Very pleasant to work with.
How this works...
  • Select garment
  • Choose designs
  • Personalize
  • Watch it print
  • Show it off!
Benefits for your organization:
  • No inventory to purchase
  • No leftovers
  • No time in meetings discussing what to order
  • No volunteers needed to staff merchandise sales
  • Earn commission on each sale

with details of your event

(i.e. event dates & times,
number of teams/participants, location)

so we can put a proposal together for you.

Your customers select their garment, their logos, add their name, and add their number.
Watching in amazement as we create their unique souvenir right before their eyes,
they can't wait to wear it "hot off the press".
The excitement cannot be concealed as we hand over an item that we make "Yours On The Spot."

Many organizations have contracted with us to make their fundraising effort at their event easy and profitable.
Some of the events that we have done include: soccer tournaments, basketball tournaments, volleyball tournaments,
school open houses, softball tournaments, wrestling matches. Indoor or outdoor, small or large, we have a setup to match your needs.
Choose to do an online event to reach an even wider audience.

Logo creation is included when booking "Yours On The Spot" for your event, but we will gladly work with your artwork as well.
Many of your questions can be answered by reading through the FAQs.